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When walking around your neighborhood, do you see spaces to plant a tree, street trees in need of maintenance, and neighbors who are concerned

The Prioritize Portland! Project’s purpose is to create a sustainable and enduring partnership process between public infrastructure providers, non-profit advocacy groups, and the existing Portland neighborhood structure, to identify, analyze, and prioritize neighborhood active transportation needs for services and infrastructure.

TriMet our bus and light rail transportation provider has been installing what is called the "leaner" bench along with other benches in routes throughout East Portland.

To quote the TriMet website about them:

This is the time for leaves to fall. The most frequent cause of flooding in the streets is heavy rains washing leaves into the storm drains and clogging things up.

There are plenty of things happening in Parkrose Heights Association of Neighbors. Some of these volunteer opportunities take just a small commitment. Please leave your information or comments on the PHAN voice mail at...

Ride Connection, a private non-profit focused on accessible transportation, is important to our community and to each individual it serves because mobility opens doors. It allows a person to be independent and it offers a way to access life's essentials.

First, Metro announced in July that Friends of Gateway Green (FoGG) is being awarded a $1 million grant through Metro’s “Nature in Neighborhood” Capital grant program for construction of Gateway Green. The non-profit needs to raise another $1.6 million by the end of 2015, as match for the grant.

One of our main goals is to make Historic Parkrose a destination location with well-lit, clean and easy to maneuver thoroughfares that are identifiable. Summer Nights on Sandy gives the opportunity for neighbors and surrounding residents to have a reason to come to our commercial corridor and to support local merchants.

You may have noticed city staff in orange vests knocking on doors this summer. What were they up to?

For the past couple of years I have been involved with Human Solutions Family Winter Shelter at Parkrose Community United Church of Christ. The shelter is a "winter only shelter" that runs from November to May and is available only for the use of families.